Video: Freedom Folks encounter the loving, tolerant left

Sometimes words can describe things adequately, but sometimes you just have to see the pictures to get the gist. I think this video illustrates one of the latter times. Freedom Folks Jake and Michelle Jacobsen attended a leftwing rally in Chicago over the weekend. The loving lefties in attendance…aren’t fond of the Freedom Folks. And they apparently think stringing expletives together makes for stirring, convincing debate.

Highlight: when the protestor uses an inverted American flag to stifle free speech. That seems about right to me.

Warning: Bad language abounds. But you really ought to watch it. These are the people who think, among other things, talk with solve the problems with North Korea and Iran. Listen to how they talk.

Update: Michelle Jacobsen entertains your questions and follows up on the video here. Check it out.

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