North Korea: China digs in its heels

North Korea launches missiles in the general direction of Japan. Japan responds with UN resolution that includes sanctions to punish North Korea. China calls Japan’s resolution an “overreaction.” Methinks any real chance of getting sanctions through the UNSC just died.

China condemned a Japan-sponsored U.N. resolution to slap sanctions on North Korea over its missile tests on Tuesday, calling it an over-reaction that would split the Security Council.

The statement came as a top U.S. envoy flew into Beijing, seeking a briefing on China’s urgent efforts to resolve the crisis by diplomatic means.

The U.N. Security Council delayed a vote overnight on the resolution to impose sanctions on the isolated state to allow time for a high-level Chinese delegation to talk to Pyongyang.

“The Chinese side thinks the concerned draft resolution is an over-reaction. If approved, it will aggravate contradictions and increase tension,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a news conference. “It will hurt efforts to resume six-party talks as well as lead to the U.N. Security Council splitting.”

It would seem to me that the UNSC is split because China consistently shields North Korea from the consequences of its actions, with Russia a close second in that game. The real problem, and it’s not one that will be solved any time soon if ever, is that you have in Russia and China two countries that use their UNSC vetoes to assist rogue states like North Korea and Iran.

The end result of this is fairly predictable. We’ll get a resolution expressing “regret” or “alarm,” but it will be toothless. Japan, realizing that it will have to defend itself and that the UN is useless, will speed up changing its constitution and begin to buy and develop offensive military capabilities including aerial refueling, a fleet of longer range fighter-bombers than the fighters it currently flies, and medium-range missiles. Japan will develop and upgrade its submarine fleet, equipping it with missiles capable of pounding North Korean launch platforms and other threatening facilities across that country.

Japan’s re-arming will spark an arms race around Asia, at the very least.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022