Video: Liberty in North Korea

YouTube and the handheld video camera may one day provide the catalyst to prompt the world to get rid of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. The combination of camcorders and a global way to distribute video for free may show those of us who take freedom for granted what North Korea, closed to the world for decades, is really like.

While searching through YouTube for video from North Korea to use in Vent, I came across a short documentary produced by a group called Liberty in North Korea. That name represents a dream; there is no liberty in North Korea today. There is only deprivation and oppression, and the ever-present threat of violence and war. North Korea is Communism in its purest, and most bizarre, form–state micromanagment of everyday life, politics built on cliques and dynasticism and the cult of personality, and rulers who set themselves far above the law while conjuring up threats from without to maintain order within.

In yesterday’s Vent, Michelle described Kim Jong-Il as a “nuke-ready Nero,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe the man. He builds up an intercontinental arsenal and launches it at us while his own people starve to death. He is a madman ruling a mad place.