Israeli TV: Shalit treated by doctor

If true, it’s the best news we’ve heard since Koizumi sang Elvis:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Israeli television station IBA has reported that a doctor has seen kidnapped 19-year-old army Cpl. Gilad Shalit and treated his injuries.

CNN has not independently confirmed the report, but no details were given on Shalit’s injuries or condition.

The news came as Israel delayed a ground operation in northern Gaza on Friday while diplomats worked to end a crisis over a kidnapped soldier.

As those talks went on, Israeli warplanes hit the Palestinian Authority’s Interior Ministry building in Gaza City, which the Israeli military said was being used “for directing and planning terror activities.”

With enough chutzpah to fill the Pacific, Hamas is now decrying Israel for having some nefarious plot to destroy the Palestinian government run by Hamas. Isn’t that the Hamas dream for a one-state solution, only in reverse? Didn’t the Palestinians themselves celebrate the Israeli withdrawal by destroying quite a bit of their own infrastructure that Israel had built and was leaving behind? And doesn’t Hamas still regard Israel as “the Zionist entity” that must be pushed into the sea? That’s what I thought.

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