Gitmo: Incarceration in style

SeeDubya finds Carlos the Jackal pining for Gitmo:

…the Jackal’s new lawsuit shows that most Islamofascist terrorists don’t suffer too badly in the much-reviled Gitmo installations, no matter how loudly the international left denounces them. The Jackal’s demands for Gitmo-style due process and Gitmo-style accomodation seem to say that the jailhouse perspective among international terrorists is a little different.

Tell that to the Democrat party, CAIR, the ACLU and the UN, all of which have been agitating to close Gitmo for years.

Update (Allahpundit): Your Gitmo link’s better than mine, but I’ll share anyway. Remember the three guys who hanged themselves? Not so depressed, as it turns out.

What could lead a man who isn’t desperate to do such a thing? I wonder.

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