WaPo hit job on Steele

A tale of bias in two parts.

The Washington Post runs a hit job on MD Lt Gov and GOP Senate candidate Michael Steele (who has advertised on this site), by trying to tie him to the Willie Horton ad that ran against Dukakis in 1988. The tie is only a tie in the sense that the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing works–you can connect anybody to anything if you work out enough levels. Steele himself had nothing to do with the ad.

Confederate Yankee calls the Post on its race-baiting masquerading as reporting. The implication of the Post’s distort report is that Steele must be a traitor to his race for sidling up to the Republican crackers who smeared Dukakis with Willie Horton, an ad that was true to the facts of the case. The Post left that part out.

The Post also fails to mention that the first politician to use Willie Horton as a weapon against Michael Dukakis was…Democrat Al Gore. That’s right. It’s such an inconvenient truth the Post can’t bear to print it.

Meanwhile, the Post ignores the story that Allah posted on a bit ago–the one in which Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s website and campaign are full of racist rhetoric and even justifies assaulting police officers. Which is no surprise, given McKinney’s obvious anti-Semitism and conspiracy mongering and her own relationship with the men and women of the thin blue line (she assaults them).

Biased story selection?