Dallas County to bill Mexico

The city of Dallas, TX is a “sanctuary city,” meaning its police are not allowed to inquire into anyone’s immigration status. The county of Dallas, TX gets hit with millions of dollars in unreimbursed costs from providing health care to illegal aliens. At some point, the city and county really ought to have a meeting about all this. In the mean time, Dallas County is putting together a bill to send south:

County Judge Margaret Keliher says they’re still adding up the costs. She says they know of at least 15 million dollars spent, on the first 48 hours of care given undocumented immigrants. She says a letter will be going to the President of Mexico and the local Mexican Consulate demanding reimbursement.

Good luck with that.

Update: A reader sends in a little note about a Bank of America service called SafeSend. It’s BoA’s free remittance tranmission service–to Mexico. Check out the Google search results for “bank of america safesend.” Only one country shows up in the subtitle. By attracting remittance-senders and letting them send off their money for free, BoA is making money off illegal immigration in a rather direct way.

Perhaps Dallas County can send Mexico City its health care invoice through Bank of America.