Defeatism and retaliation

We’re at war. The enemy captured, tortured and killed two of our troops. Mark Levin uncorks a trip through history and wonders how the Greatest Generation would have responded.

Hint: They wouldn’t have listened to a troop-smearing Andrew Sullivan pre-emptively blame our captured troops’ fate on our own president, having swallowed whole the uncorroborated tales made up by terrorists to sap our war resolve while absolving terrorists for their own actions. Nor would Time magazine have printed such nonsense back then; it rushes to get that and more like it to the presses as fast as it can now. The opposition party wouldn’t be calling for “redeploying” our troops to bases thousands of miles from the theater of war.

That generation, the one that we all recognize saved civilization a little over half a century ago, would have responded with overwhelming force and struck fear into the heart of the enemy. That’s how you win wars.

Fortunately, there are signs that our troops are responding in just that sort of way, killing one big al Qaeda in Iraq leader and capturing several more.

Good. May more terrorists meet the same fate, and faster, please.

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