Video: Hillary!'s Take Back America speech

Lots of blog hullabaloo about the Shrill One’s speech in DC this week, so we thought we’d cut a few highlights and preserve them for posterity here. Honestly, most of the speech is pretty dull. But I found three points of interest that may shed some light on this fall’s elections and 2008.

First, Hillary! says we should support our troops…and the leftwingers in the audience boo her.

Second, Hillary! tries to have it both ways on Iraq–she doesn’t like the “open-ended” Bush approach, but also doesn’t want to set a “date certain” for withdrawal. And gets booed. It’s naked Democrat double-mindedness in full flower:

There’s one more clip I’ll add once YouTube gets its act together.

Update: YouTube got its act together, so here’s the last clip.

It’s the shrill crescendo. Her joke about yelling at the TiVO is as close as she gets to a sense of humor. Savor the political acumen on display:

“Stand up for winning elections.” You can’t train someone to be that astute. It has to come naturally.

Update: Hillary’s problem, in Time. Democrats doing the touchdown dance for 06 and 08 may find their game-winner called back. You know a party has problems when John Kerry fires up the shock troops.

(h/t the boss)

Update: I love how liberals call Michelle a liar for posting this but don’t bother to read the by-line of this very post. Michelle didn’t write it, nor did she edit the video. I did. Read the byline, people. If you have a problem with this post, take it up with me.

There is a liar or two here, alright. They write for a couple of lefty blogs that just linked to this post and blamed Michelle for it. Well, either they’re lying or they can’t read. Take your pick.

I guess the lefties want to pretend that Michelle wrote the post and that she edited the video so that fools like Mahablog can call her a “shameless lying b*tch.” When the facts don’t favor you, resort to personal insults and profanity. It doesn’t convince anyone, but apparently such childish tantrums feel good. You folks sure resort to them often enough so it must do something for you.

Plus, the lefties can’t hear, either. Because Hillary did get booed when she said we need to support the troops. You fellas can spin it all you want, but it’s on the tape.

Next, you’re going to tell us that Dean didn’t scream too, right?

Update: By the way, Crooks & Liars and Mahablog–TIME magazine has our back.

But then she came to Iraq. “I do not think it is a smart strategy,” she said, “either for the President to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government, nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain.” Members of the crowd yelled, “Why not?” There was loud booing. It was almost impossible to hear Clinton as she spoke over the crowd to declare, “I do not agree that that is in the best interest of our troops or our country.” After her speech, as Clinton was walking along the stage and shaking hands with attendees who had rushed to meet her, more than a dozen members of the crowd stood and started chanting “Bring the troops home! Bring the troops home!”

Emphasis added so you can’t miss it. But I really wouldn’t expect people who can’t tell the difference between “Michelle” and “Bryan” in a byline to be able to comprehend what TIME’s correspondent has written.

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