Bloody Days

I’m in a dark mood today.

Here’s a list of the Islamist-inspired terrorist attacks of the past five months. See if you can get through it in ten minutes. Picking any random day, here’s what happened on June 2 of this year:

6/2/06 Pakistan Miran Shah 4 7 Two Fedayeen suicide bombers blow themselves to Allah, taking four Pakistani soliders with them.
6/2/06 India Bhata 1 0 A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.
6/2/06 Iraq Khaldiya 3 0 Three victims of sectarian violence are found tortured and executed.
6/2/06 Afghanistan Azmarai 3 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three civilians returning from a picnic.
6/2/06 Thailand Yala 1 0 A local official is gunned down by Islamists.
6/2/06 Pakistan Noor Gul 2 1 Two people are killed when militants fire a rocket at a house.
6/2/06 Syria Damascus 1 0 Armed Islamists attempt to strom a radio station. A security guard is killed.
6/2/06 Iraq Baghdad 7 61 Three terrorist bombings, two at the same market, kill at least seven innocents.

That’s one day’s violence, one day’s war crimes committed around the world by adherents to the religion of peace. But what was the press focused on that day? Haditha, of course.

Meanwhile, Islamists allied with al Qaeda have captured what’s left of Mogadishu, Somalia. That’s the city we bugged out of in 1993; it’s been a violent mess ever since, as it was before we got there, thanks to a combination of warlordism and, you guessed it, the spread of Islam by the sword.

But, you could argue, that’s all somewhere else. Somalia–who cares? Iraq–well, we created that mess didn’t we? But it’s not all “over there.”

Take a look at what’s going on in Britian. Two stories–here’s the first:

LONDON (AFP) – The police were under pressure to clear up the confusion over last week’s massive anti-terror raid or risk seeing angry Muslims “take the law into their own hands,” a Muslim community leader has warned.

The Muslim Council of Britain’s new leader Muhammed Abdul Bari said “trust could break down” if the police failed to explain why they launched last Friday’s raid, which has turned up nothing of a reported chemical weapons plot.

“Trust could break down”? Aren’t these people members of the same community that marched on London to threaten beheadings because of some cartoons published in Denmark? Trust would have had to exist before it could break down.

Their threat of “taking the law into their own hands” is a credible one–sections of Londonistan are already more or less under sharia.

Here’s the second story:

Following warnings by extremist Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, in which the group said that the red cross in the England flag symbolizes the ‘blood thirsty crusaders’ and the occupation of Muslims, some of the largest companies in England have ordered their workers not to wave the flags.

The flag has recently appeared in England on everything from bikinis to cars, and sold in endless versions in stores.

But the Islamic protest forced some corporations, such as cable companies NTL, and even the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency to ban the flag in every form due to fears from reactions of Muslims.

England is afraid to fly its own flag on its own soil, because of the credible threat of Muslim reaction. The Nazis in their heyday didn’t inspire that kind of fear in the average Englishman.

Meanwhile, Oriana Fallaci goes on trial in Italy. Her crime: insulting Islam.

Freedom of speech is dying in Europe in the face of Islam. The Union Jack may fall for good in the face of Islam. Every day brings us fresh news of fresh blood spilled at the hands of Islam. Yet what has the press all excited? Haditha. Or investigating “secret terrorist prisons.”

The West is ripping itself apart. We put good men–heroes, really–on trial for defending us. We put lawyers in charge of national security and fret when a military man gets nominated to head the NSA. Even though most heads of the NSA have had military backgrounds, and we happen to be in the middle of a war.

And the press chants Haditha Haditha Haditha while Islamists commit grotesque violence against the innocent every single day.

So I’m in a dark mood. We don’t seem to be winning this war. We do seem to be throwing it away and preparing ourselves for dhimmitude.

Update: It will be interesting to see how the press and the left react to this.