MeChA goes to school

Hot Air reader Erik sends in the following:

Doug McIntyre is the morning host on talk radio 790 KABC here in L.A.

This morning his radio show “broke” the story about this REAL school in Los Angeles that is a charter school, thus it is partly supported by public money…

The school he’s talking about is Academia Semillas del Pueblo, which is a charter school. Take a gander at the list of donors:

The following organizations and individuals have made it possible to carry out the mission and vision of the school. We are very grateful for their continued support.

National Council of La Raza Charter School Development Initiative
Raza Development Fund, Inc.
Glendale Nissan/Infinity, Inc.
California State University, Los Angeles
Pasadena City College – MeCHA
The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture

“La Raza” means, literally, “the race.” As in, the Latino race. MeCHA is that band of radicals that thinks the US southwest is actually Mexican territory, though they don’t necessarily want it returned to Mexico. They would settle for splitting it off from the US, killing all non-Latinos that currently live there, and creating a new state called Aztlan.

And they’re funding a charter school in LA. Nice. It’s not too different from turning over the education of young skulls full of mush to, say, the Klan. Or the Black Panthers.

Update: Freedom Folks caught this same MeCHA outpost trashing student newspapers to protest contents within that they didn’t like.