One Man's Activist...

You’ve gotta love al-Reuters’ use of language in this bombshell of a story:

Two Hamas activists arrested in Jordan last month in connection with an alleged plot to stage attacks in the country said in televised confessions on Thursday that they had received military training in Syria.

The government said on Wednesday it would televise confessions by Hamas activists to quell widespread skepticism by ordinary Jordanians that the government has trumped up charges as a pretext to sever ties with the Palestinian militant group.

Officials said on Wednesday that Hamas had tried to recruit activists for military training in Syria and Iran to stage possible attacks in Jordan and said it had found new weapons that included Iranian rocket launchers.

“Activists” and “militant groups,” rather than the more pedestrian “terrorists” and “terrorist groups,” eh, Reuters? But once you get past all that, you have Syrian and Iranian involvement in supporting attacks within Jordan, the latter’s crime being distancing itself from Iran-backed Hamas in the PA. Hamas, of course, was recently prevented from killing fellow Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas by Israeli intelligence. Say whatever you want about the serious political divisions among the West, but at least we’re not all covertly funding “activists” to launch rockets at each other.

In a sane world, the B2’s would already be en route to Tehran. That’s what the Gipper would do.

UPDATE: AP has a photo of the weapons the “activists” were planning to unleash on Jordanian civilians. And yes, AP calls them “activists” too.