Pare Amnistia Ahora! The Cero Peso Campaign

Let’s face it–both parties are awful when it comes to protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. Neither party has learned anything from history. The 1986 amnesty and subsequent smaller amnesties have only resulted in more illegal immigration pouring across our borders. We now have an estimated 11-15 million illegal immigrants living in this country. While many of them are hard workers here to carve out a better life than they could get outside the US, the fact is that many of them strain our social services beyond the breaking point. Illegal aliens make up a far disproportionate percentage of our prison population, and take advantage of our schools and hospitals without paying for the services or showing any interest in becoming Americans and assimilating our beliefs. In fact, many espouse reconquista rhetoric aimed at destroying the America we know and love.

Rather than deal with these realities, both parties are pandering to the Latino vote. Both hope to put the illegals on the fast track to citizenship, and then capture their votes. But that’s a pipe dream. Most illegals won’t bother to become citizens. They will continue to be an economic underclass agitating for the rights of citizenship without the responsibilities that come with it. And neither party’s leadership seems to comprehend the massive security hole that our porous borders represents. In an age of war against fanatical terrorists, we cannot leave them a bright red path to get into our country. But the open borders are that path, and must be blocked.

Enough is enough. You can help stop amnesty in its tracks. Send cero pesos to the RNC and DNC headquarters. Include a note protesting both parties’ pandering. Note that open borders create an unacceptable national security problem. Be civil, but firm. Tell them to pare amnistia ahorastop amnesty now.

Linked here is a document with four cero peso notes like the one above, ready for you to print and send. Feel free to talk about this campaign on your own blog and email this post to your friends. Let’s send Washington a message–pare amnistia ahora! Stop Amnesty Now!

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington DC 20003

Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

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