Nice ICE

This is pathetic:

El Dia de Los Abuelos? Last week, the Bush administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency arrested a few hundred illegal immigrants, a move widely dismissed (here and elsewhere) as a for-show bust. But this minor blip in enforcement apparently frightened thousands of illegals into staying home from work, at which point the ICE felt moved to announce that nobody should worry because they didn’t really intend to enforce the law after all.

If the president ever wonders why his approval rating has hit the freeze point–if he even cares–stories like this one should guide his way. He is so owned by Vicente Fox, or allows the impression that he is, that he’s corrupting the entire border enforcement regime. His security-minded base sees actions like this and isn’t stupid. If he wakes up in November going eyeball to eyeball with Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Bush will have himself to blame.

(h/t InstaPundit)