El Gran Boicot: Paranoia Strikes Deep

John Podhoretz, God love him, is an open borders kind of guy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him address the massive security concerns that come with open borders. And I didn’t think I’d ever seen him engineer a bizarre conspiracy theory about illegal immigration–until today. Writing in the Post, JPod says:

The organizers of yesterday’s nationwide demonstration’s chose to convince illegals not to go to work. To what end? For what purpose? The industries that employ such workers have spent decades engaged in lobbying activities designed to loosen restrictions. Why would the organizers choose to punish them?

I have an answer. They are doing so for the same reason they encourage the use of Mexican flags at demonstrations, the singing of the National Anthem in Spanish, and the insistence that lawbreakers be given immediate and unconditional citizenship.

They are doing so because they are secretly in the employ of the anti-immigration lobby.

I hope he’s not serious. In order to believe in that conspiracy theory, you have to believe that International ANSWER–the same people who have organized the largest anti-war demonstration over the past few years and who regularly compare President Bush and other major Republicans to Nazis, and whose red hand helped orchestrate the illegal immigration marches in April and yesterday–is secretly working with Rep. Tom Tancredo. You have to believe that MeCHa and the Aztlan militants are secretly working with Mark Krikorian and the Minutemen. And the secret never got out until the intrepid JPod unmasked it.

In other words, you have to be nuts.

JPod, there’s a simpler answer, or ANSWER, to your question. The people who organized yesterday’s uprisings are true militants of the old-school Communist variety. Instability is good for them. Dischord is their best friend. They’re trying to start a genuine revolution of the masses and usher in a new Communist regime right here. These large-scale marches are the perfect vehicle. ANSWER and its allied groups are co-opting the illegal immigration movement just like they co-opted the anti-war movement, and are guiding both movements to further their own revolutionary ends.