Regular readers of this site know who Christopher Hitchens is. Tariq Ramadan is a name you should know as well. He’s a high-profile, international-set Muslim scholar who, depending on whom you believe, is a moderate Muslim activist–or a wolf in moderate’s clothing who preaches moderation in English and jihad in Arabic.

Ramadan had previously (and probably wisely) refused to debate Hitchens. It’s a shame, because that would have been a sellout event on the order of the Hitchens-Galloway debate.

But Hitchens is a rather persistent cuss, and crashed Ramadan’s speaking engagement in Mantua to badger him with awkward questions about radical Islam. I’m listening now, but Amy Alkon (who has the audio download link) says Christopher Hitchens “wip[ed] the floor” with Ramadan.

The audio spends a lot of time translating the English debate into Italian, so if you’re in a hurry Hitchens’ take on the event is here at Slate.

UPDATE–VERDICT: Poor quality audio, thick accents, and slippery no-substance answers. I want a rematch.

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