Yesterday I mentioned Code Pink’s ham-thighed-handed disruption of Gen. Petraeus’ testimony showed they just hadn’t gotten the memo: the Anti-Victory movement has gone corporate. Cap-toe oxfords are in; bare saggy grandma-boobs smeared with Mercedes/peace symbols and defecating on Old Glory are so 1969 2003.

Why the change in tactics? As I was musing at JYB, it occurred to me that it’s the blogosphere, stupid:

You know who I credit with diverting attention away from these mass protests? Zombie. And to a lesser extent lately, Protest Warrior–a group that has largely brought about its own obsolescence. Zombie’s coverage of what actually goes on at these awful Bay Area events–taking pictures the MSM would never publish–has devalued the tactic. Since the Left’s protests are often attended by unhinged, threatening morons, you never know when someone will show up with a sign like this (dirty word warning). Wasn’t a problem with MSM sycophants writing the record; but with Zombie taking pictures and the blogosphere publishing them, the angry protests have become counterproductive.

Well, that fine upstanding Undead-American has shambled out again and shown how out of the loop and behind the times the Bay Area is.

And just so you don’t think we’re being partisan with that homepage photo of the Democratic get-out-the-vote effort set up on an ironing board, here’s a lovely reminder from Zom that there are blue-haired little Republican lady moonbats, too: