James Lileks is a funny guy and a damn fine writer. I’ve been reading him at Lileks.com since 2002 and am amazed that he hasn’t been snapped up by a major national paper. For a long time he did have an indispensible political column with Newhouse News Service (ha, no link, losers) that, a couple of weeks ago, was abruptly dispensed.

And now his home paper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune (likewise), has decided that since they have in Lileks a nationally-known top-notch bestselling humor writer and political commentator, they need to…

…pick up the slack left by Newhouse and give him a regular spot on the editorial page?

No. No, that would be smart.

No, they decided to kill his humor column (the “Quirk”) and move him into news reporting, covering the sparkling Minneapolis Internet scene.

Hewitt calls it an error of “New Coke” magnitude.

What a waste. Oh, he’ll do a fine job of it, but to use a Hot Air-appropriate metaphor, it’s like Fox News finally gave Michelle her own show, reading stock quotes at 3:15AM. With Nancy Grace.

Lileks has intimated that a few polite words on his behalf might urge the management to reconsider. If you’re interested, the readers’ rep page is here.


Okay, I’m out. Thanks to Hot Air for having me, to y’all for reading, commenting, and linking, to my dashing and debonair stand-ins at Junkyard Blog (Geoff, Okie, and Cameron), and to Allah–who, during the middle of his vacation, wrote to tell me that, hey, Rosie was making a fool of herself on the View.

On his vacation.

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