I mentioned my buddy in Tulsa, Michael Bates, in this post about pro-Islam, and possibly pro-Wahhabi, TV programming. He found that there were some Wahhabi ties to the majority of a panel on OETA (Oklahoma’s PBS affiliate) production of “Islam in Oklahoma.”

In following up as to how that might have come about, MB noticed that one of the panelists was also on Governor Brad Henry’s “Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council“. And that council, which Governor Henry had created by executive order, has a surprisingly homogenous composition.

I won’t spoil the punchline. I’ll just tell you I laughed out loud even harder than I did at Joan Rivers telling off that guy for calling her racist.

And now, a personal note:

I grew up watching “Sesame Street” and “Wallace Wildlife” on OETA. It is a venerable state institution. If it was misused, and if there is shown to be a Wahhabi influence upon it, there will be a paroxysm of outrage across the Sooner State.*

But even if not, he’s still in for some withering scorn for that ludicrous euphemism. “Ethnic Americans“? Why not just call it CAIR-OK?

This would never have happened under Frank Keating.

* This was edited slightly a few minutes after I put it up; the original phrasing reacted to the hypothetical situation that Wahhabi propaganda was shown on OETA. That’s not something that anyone has asserted.