Democratic leadership on the real national security threat:*

Senior House Republicans are complaining about Democrats’ plans to divert “scarce” intelligence funds to study global warming.
The House next week will consider the Democrat-crafted Intelligence Authorization bill, which includes a provision directing an assessment of the effects that climate change has on national security.

This can’t be good for morale in the intel community: imagine patriotic Americans like Mike Spann being told that they’re supposed to stop shadowing bad actors and deploy to the South Pole to count endangered penguins. It’s humiliating.

It ought to be humiliating for the Democrats. That they would even consider pulling our spies off of Iranian nukes and Al Qaeda networks in order to put them to work on Global Warming is damning. Clearly the Democrats prefer to defend us against their list of abstract, ideologically driven boogeymen rather than our very real, ruthless, proven enemies.

If this requirement should pass, the first terrorist bomb to go off on U.S. soil means the political end of the Democratic party. In the post-mortem hearings, the DNI need only point out that even a handful of field officers, analysts, and resources were diverted from terror assessments to work climate issues, per Congressional dictum. And thus the buck will be passed back to the Pelosi crowd.

Intelligence panel Chairman Silvestre Reyes, Texas Democrat, said the climate-change study is one of several shifts his party has made to intelligence policy.
“We’re concerned that global warming might impact our ability to maintain national security,” he told The Times, describing the idea as “cutting edge.”

“Cutting edge” is nice, Congressman Reyes, but so are fundamentals, like…oh, I dunno…whether Al-Qaeda is Sunni or Shiite.

* unlike, say, quote-unquote terrorism, which is of course a Bushco politicized fraud. I totally heard this show on Pacifica with this Uighur community activist who was all, like, “Mother Earth is Crying”, and they were playing these special talking drums from Cote d’Ivoire…dude, which reminds me that we should also probably retask the Marines to stop ivory poaching once we take them out of Iraq, because: elephants! And I was like, this is true security of which she is speaking, not just national security (or should I say–nationalIST security), but planetary security and just, just knowing you are at peace with so many different cultures and ways of knowing, and if we could all just emulate the spirit of that woman, really embrace her in the place where she and her sisters are coming from with conscious and integrity, there is literally no end to the possibilities we could achieve together.

That is authentic healing, of the world’s broken spirit. And that is why we need the CIA, and also the School of the Americas, who have done so much to tear, to tear at the fabric and the warp and the woof of the authentic communities of goodwill and of peaceful coexistence with nature, to begin the reweaving of the fabric of our common dreams.

But, so, terrorism: just a means of fascist corporate control to keep us scared and confused and on edge and not thinking about the real problems of global climate change.

(This footnote sponsored by Kucinich in 2008!)