Pretty much overnight, Ted Haggard’s status changed from “respected man of the cloth” to “out-of-work, two-timing creep with serious sexual and honesty issues”.

Now disgraced New Jersey ex-Governor James McGreevey figures, hey, maybe we can take that the other way

McGreevey, who often described himself as a devout Catholic while in public office, was officially received into the Episcopal religion on Sunday, at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan.

He also has been accepted into the Master of Divinity program at Manhattan’s renowned General Theological Seminary, seminary spokesman Bruce Parker said in a statement this afternoon.

I like how he joined the church and entered the priest-training program at the same time. Shows initiative.

Now, I’m not one to knock the transformative power of God. Look at Chuck Colson, who really turned his life around after Watergate and founded a prison ministry. But is McGreevey really that gung-ho? Is he penitent? Time will tell, but Michael Bates is suspicious:

While some commenters on the above linked article thought that McGreevey’s history of corruption and dishonesty — particularly cheating on his wife with a man, and putting said man on the public payroll as head of the state’s homeland security office — might disqualify him from the Episcopal priesthood, others suggested he was not only qualified, he was bishop material.

MB goes on to look at the turf war amongst the Episcopalians, and how often it is exactly that–the church hierarchy threatening to take away the church property of churches that try to preach and follow orthodox Christianity.

More on the Anglican turf wars–on an intercontinental scale–in the Washington Times.