Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson is at the top of her game on airline security issues generally, and she’s possibly the chief authority out there on the Saga of the Non-Airborne Imams and the resulting “John Doe” legislation that would protect vigilant airline passengers from being sued by CAIR–as CAIR is doing to the passengers who reported the Flying Imams.

The John Doe immunity, aka the King amendment, passed through Congress not long ago, but now the Republicans who passed the bill are having to plead with Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to allow it. CAIR and the Imams are still itching to sue the very John Does who reported their behavior to the flight attendants.

Judging from the fact that the King amendment passed 304-121, there’s ample support for the measure. And opposing it is a political hot potato–in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on a US target, what politician is going to want to admit he voted to make it easier for Americans to be sued for being vigilant and speaking up?

Apparently Steny Hoyer does.