I haven’t heard of the National Security News Service before, but Fox News linked to them about the possible release of Robert Levinson, the FBI agent whom the Iranians denied they were holding, from Iranian custody. The NSNS says he’s already free, basing their report on three anonymous sources, but it also includes a report of a quid pro quo:

A high level intelligence source in the United States military in Iraq said “it is possible that Levinson has been turned over to Kurds in Iraq with an agreement that no public announcement be made until after a conference between the Iranian Foreign Minister and Secretary Rice next week in Egypt.”

“This raises the possibility that the United States military may turnover up to five Iranian diplomats who we have been holding for months as a goodwill gesture as a response to Levinson’s release,” the US intelligence source said.

These Iranian “diplomats,” of course, are a little bit different from their State Department counterparts. They’re members of the Quds force, described as “terrorism coaches” and “paymasters” and “particularly dangerous” by the administration. AllahPundit saw the possibility of the exchange for Levinson back when Condi wanted to release them. But we all thought Bush had squelched the idea immediately. Has he flip flopped? Or is this report complete BS?

Meanwhile, Iran has once again been named the number one state sponsor of worldwide terrorism by our State Department. Iran is very concerned; they’re even holding a conference about terrorism–and about how Iran is its number one victim:

“Now the nightmare of war disturbs all of humanity,” Ahmadinejad stated at the “Islamic World, a Victim of Terrorism” conference, which is currently underway in Tehran.

The Zionist regime’s attempt to destroy Lebanon in last summer’s war is another example of terrorism, he said.

Terrorism is not only bombing to kill the people; dominating the people and taking control of the natural resources of other countries is also terrorism, he opined.

Everyone knows that terrorist organizations are created and planned in the lair of hegemonic powers or are operating with their support, he added.

Nowadays, the Islamic world is the victim of organized terrorism, and Iran is the symbol of this victimization, Ahmadinejad stated.

It is not known whether he managed to say that with a straight face.