Apparently George Tenet and Ron Jeremy were highschool classmates.

I can think of various jokes about what they’re getting paid to do now, but that’s pretty much Whoopi Goldberg level humor.

And speaking of small worlds:

Imagine a scrawny power-mad politician. He’s got a scraggly beard, he’s fond of Nehru jackets, and he never wears a tie. He’s completely obsessed with an ancient cult revolving around a mysterious, sinister figure who disappeared long ago. He’s ruthless and has ties to terrorists and criminals all over the world. And now, he’s willing to destroy the world to bring the babblings of that mad prophet into reality. Who is it?

Of course: Arvinijenad!

Arvin Sloane, from Alias. You may have thought that show was so corny as to be utterly absurd, but when you compare it to the Truther-lite plots on the later seasons of 24, you have to admit that…it’s still utterly absurd, but creepily topical.

If you are on the extreme left fringe, you think members of our own government are staging terrorist Islamist attacks to advance their control over us–just like 24. If you are on the center left to anywhere else, you (hopefully) realize that one of the greatest dangers to the world today is Arvininejad and his whirling centrifuges, blithely churning out Armageddon in order to summon back Rambaldi the Mahdi from his well.

Moral of the story? Sometimes life imitates art. And sometimes, it imitates bad TV.

This has been-(dumb dumb dumb!)-EVENING DUMBNESS!