Wolfowitz lays out his case in detail in the WaPo, but the last paragraph should have been the first:

“My position is, is that he ought to stay,” Bush said. “He ought to be given a fair hearing. And I appreciate the fact that . . . he’s helped the World Bank recognize that eradication of world poverty is an important priority for the bank.”

Good for him. Let’s hear more.

I’ve sort of flip-flopped; I started out leaning toward the position that AG Gonzales should stay and Wolfowitz should resign. But after finding out more about their cases I don’t think Gonzales is worth the political capital to save. (I’ve been following Patterico’s gonzo blogging as he reached the same conclusion).

While I’m not sure the charges against Gonzales are super strong, he comes off as disconnected and not particularly perspicacious or involved in the running of the office. “Hey, we need to fire some US Attorneys!” “Okay, draw up a list and I’ll sign it!” That sort of thing. And he doesn’t use e-mail. At all. Weird.

The Wolfowitz thing is different. I think, as I laid out through the links here, that the charges are trumped up by some ambitious Dutchmen. What’s more, the charges are being made precisely because Wolfowitz is dangerously competent. and serious about stopping corruption in the countries the World Bank loans your money to.

If the WSJ is right it looks like the fix may already be in against the Wolf. While it’s unlikely that he’ll drum up any real grassroots support, he could sure use some.

UPDATE: Patterico’s guest blogger WLS, who knows a bit about how the DOJ operates, thinks White House support for AG Gonzales is evaporating. And WLS, until now a Gonzo supporter, thinks he ought to resign.