Bloggers are picking up on an odd trend–Wahabi-tinged Islamic programming on the airwaves. Or in one case, on cable.

>>>LGF has the most egregious example: The Burlington, Vermont cable company decides, hey, we’ll throw Al Jazeera into your cable package. Because, as Burlington Telecom’s director explains, “I think it’s more mainstream and more objective than CNN”.


Burlington Telecom is a private business, and they can carry Al-Jazeera if they feel like it. But it says a lot about Burlington that they think there’s an audience for it.

>>>Minnesota-based Penraker–an overlooked treasure of a blog–notes another example on his Minnepolis PBS affiliate. As a part of the latest political push to have foot-washing equipment and bidets installed in Minnesota’s public restrooms, the host of a PBS Muslim public affairs show has penned an interesting column–basically accusing the rest of us of, well, not being clean enough.

There are more serious strikes against the host, which Penraker enumerates. But somehow I think that one will rankle the most.

>>>Finally, Michael Bates blogs in Tulsa about an upcoming special on Muslims in Oklahoma on OETA, Oklahoma’s public television station. Great; interesting question, hope for a good discussion. But you may not get one.

MB points out links between two of the announced panelists and a Wahhabi-funded trust, and then brings up a name that ought to be familiar to you Vent viewers:

There’s a name that ought to be on that list of panelists discussing Islam in Oklahoma — Jamal Miftah. His name belongs on the list for his eloquent condemnation of terror in the name of Islam. But it also belongs there because of the response that he received from the leaders of the Tulsa mosque, who confronted him angrily in the prayer hall and in the corridor of the mosque, saying that because of his column he was anti-Islamic, a label that could be heard by others as a thinly veiled incitement to violence against him.

There’s still time for OETA to choose a moderate voice like Miftah’s; Michael tells you how you can get in touch with them if you’re so inclined.

Last thing: please don’t insult me by claiming I’m just mad there are Arabs on my TV. I want Arabs on my TV. I’d love to see more Jamal Miftahs, Wafa Sultans, M. Zuhdi Jassers getting their say. These men and women do more for American goodwill toward Arabs and Muslims than the all the Wahhabi propaganda ever made.