Despite his stated “vacation” excuse, don’t you think it’s a little conveeeeenient that he takes his vacation just as this massive escort-service name list comes to light?

Don’t make me draw rolled eyes.

Maybe he’ll try to tell you he’s snuck off to hear the bluegrass pickin’ at the Cookeville, TN rally for Fred Thompson. He’ll expect us to believe that all of a sudden he just can’t get enough of that down-home, chicken-and-biscuits Fred Thompson patter. And you think, hmmm, Allahpundit: high and lonesome bluegrass, or lonesome for high-toned floozies?

Occam’s razor, people. I mean, come on, the guy’s an atheist. It’s a wonder any of those DC hookers are still alive.

Oh sure, he might try to smooth things over and send in a little humor, a little Democrats-as-Superfriends goofy animation (with a hat tip to Influence Peddler):

…but really, does he think this is ABC? Does he think I’m playing the “Well, there’s between 10,000 and 15,000 names on this list of top-shelf chicken ranch clients, and maybe yours is on there, maybe it’s not, I just don’t know yet?” game?

‘Cause I’m not playing that game.

I don’t placate.

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