Randall Tobias. Escort Service. Ouch.

I don’t blame the Left for going ga-ga over this one at all. Especially since he was the “AIDS relief czar”; calling up escort services for “just massages” (didn’t we hear that from Ted Haggard?) doesn’t square too well with the AIDS prevention message. Randy Randy screwed up badly, and he needed to go. And he did.

Don’t let them tell you the Wolfowitz matter is the same thing. Monday, Paul Wolfowitz goes into a meeting of the supervisors of the World Bank to see whether he keeps his job as the World Bank’s president.

When Wolfowitz was appointed to the World Bank, his girlfriend was already working there and the WB management said she’d have to go. The details of how and why this became a scandal are laid out here and here–the long and short of it being that a lot of countries (particularly China) don’t like him or his rigorous insistence on accountability and anti-corruption members in the countries that the world bank lends your tax dollars their money to.

The World Bank hates him like the UN hated Bolton. (And the nutroots hate him worse.) And they’ve dredged up this old non-scandal to bring him down.

What’s more interesting about this is where he’s getting his support:

The more telling story is the support for the bank president from reform-minded Africans. At a press conference during this month’s World Bank-IMF meetings in Washington, four of the more progressive African finance ministers were asked about the Wolfowitz flap.

You can read their assessments of Wolfowitz at that excellent Opinion Journal link. I know you’re like, “it’s the weekend, and that’s about the World Bank…” but dude, it’s good stuff.

In the meantime, let’s hope the Bush administration remembers its vaunted loyalty and goes to bat for Wolfie before China and the Euros shamefully run him out of office. Unlike Randy Randy, this one’s worth fighting for.

(Sorry for all the links to JYB; I just know this story is like eating your vegetables and there aren’t too many other bloggers following it. Oh, and the frontpage thumbnail is adapted from TSG.