To paraphrase Jacques Chirac, Arthur Batchelor never misses an opportunity to shut up, does he?

FORMER Iran hostage Arthur Batchelor apologised last night after pictures emerged of him joking in a bar about his captivity.

The horseplay shows him wearing a tea towel blindfold and being “throttled” with a toy gun in a mock execution.

“And then Hamid snapped a towel on my bare bottom like this…OW!, that’s right…and I said ‘Topsy, come give us a great big mother hug!'” OK, he didn’t say that part. This time.

A while back a friend sent me this link to the amazing story of a pair of CIA agents shot down over Communist China in 1952. They were convicted and imprisoned until their release in 1973, and they humbly declined to write books or seek out the press on their release. Although, as my friend reminds me, they didn’t have their IPods stolen like Mr. Bean did.


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