MSM sources are reconstructing Cho’s activities bit by bit. The New York times has a pretty thorough timeline of Cho’s life and the shooting here, and they even did some background reporting from Korea. The slideshow is also instructive.

The WaPo offered a creepy bit of Psy-Cho oddity via his roommate Andy Koch: remember how he pretended he had an invisible space travelling supermodel girlfriend called “Jelly”, who called him “Spanky”?

“We were like, ‘Really?’ ” he said.

“I told my parents, and I told other friends, and they kind of laughed,” he said. Then one day Koch went to Cho’s room and Cho wouldn’t open the door, saying he was with Jelly: “We’re making out,” Cho said.

Possibly more relelvant from the WaPo: Cho once scribbled a few rather obscure lines from Romeo and Juliet on one of his stalkee’s door wipe-boards. He didn’t strike me as much of a reader, but apparently he knew some stuff. Which bolsters the theory of a literary source for the “Ismael Ax” reference, possibly Moby Dick or as reader Ray F. suggested, The Prairie.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn seems mildly chastened by the reaction to his previous comments about how the students should have fought back harder. And as for the Cornell thing I mentioned last night, the student paper reminds us that it wasn’t just President Skorton who considered Cho part of his family and one of the victims. Before the service, a campus bell tower rang 33 times, “once for each of the victims“. But a Cornell student also picked up on those weird racial dynamics of singling out the Korean community for a special mention:

Thomas Riehl ’09 said he felt “wary of how much race seems to be playing into it. Why was it even pertinent to have [a Korean religious leader] sing? Why is this even part of the issue? It just seems so wrong and out of it to bring up the kid’s race.”

Mr. Riehl obviously has not yet been indoctrinated with a proper Ivy League sense of racial guilt. Cornell needs to work harder.

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