Dawn says no matter how good our intel,Centcom’s hands are tied:

Congressman Gene Taylor, a Democratic member of the committee, however, insisted to know what the Centcom would do “if Osama … was identified to be in a specific building, on a specific street, on a specific village in Waziristan.”

“I do not have permission to go across that border on my own, and to conduct activities within that country, without some arrangement or agreement with the government of Pakistan,” he said.

You can bet the farm that such an arrangement or agreement would come down in plenty of time to take our shot, and no little birdies in the ISI would tell Osama to fly the coop before we did.

I understand Musharraf wanting to uphold the territorial integrity of his country. At the same time I can’t imagine him actually insisting on these guidelines. If we miss a shot at Osama because of his intransigence I think things would go badly for him. It already looks bad, since one of Mush’s major only allies in Waziristan just admitted he’d shelter Osama if Osama asked him to, and fight the “infidels” if they come a-knockin’.

Nobody asked me, but I say we if we get good info, we take the shot and then call up Musharraf: “We had an agreement, right? Right?