Oooh, he was so courageous and brave, the way he faced his execution.

And he made the trains run on time:

Those developments, so unwelcome to the Americans who so easily conquered this nation, showed that Mr. Hussein was also a unifying force whose painful grip held together Iraq’s many ethnicities and sects. Now, three years after his fall, Iraq has descended further into chaos.

His execution won’t bolster human rights law, you know, and Bush didn’t enjoy it and of course we were working with him all along before we decided to demonize him.


UPDATE: Great MSM-Saddam themed folk songs appearing in the comments. Fire up the autoharp and keep ’em coming!

UPDATE 2: Tim Blair lights into Robert Fisk’s loathesome, preachy eulogy for Saddam’s “dignity”. This part I like:

Terror groupie Fisk also reveals:

Like Donald Rumsfeld, I have even shaken the dictator’s soft, damp hand.

You sure it was his hand, Bob?