CNN is reporting a large car bomb went off at Terminal 4 of the Madrid airport. Nothing’s on CNN’s site yet, but here’s a report (in Spanish) at El Pais. The bombers called ahead so there were few injuries, but two cops appear to have been hurt.

Let’s see: they called ahead, there was only one bomb and not a series, and no one appears to have been killed. That does not sound like Al-Qaeda to me, or even a Mukhabarat retaliation for Saddam.

It sounds like an ETA-Basque separatist attack. But that’s impossible; they have a ceasefire on. You know, just like in Palestine.

UPDATE: Sky News says “Basque separatist group ETA has reportedly claimed responsibility for the bombing.”

At least I think that’s what they say. Every time I visit that site a search menu opens up and obscures the middle inch of the article. For all I know it says Basque separatist groups and Eydie Gorme claimed responsibility. I guess the Sky News site isn’t geared to handle my obscure, trendy web browser, something called “Internet Explorer”.