At the time we heard about lawless mobs shooting at rescue helicopters on the Danziger bridge.

Then the description of the Danziger bridge “gunfight” dialed back a bit. These “rioters”, although charged with attempted murder, were cleared by a grand jury.

And now, seven New Orleans policemen are charged with first-degree murder over the Danziger bridge shootings. Six people were shot there, two fatally.

If this was truly premeditated murder by these cops then this should be a capital crime. But the reporting about this incident is so screwed up I have trouble believing first-degree murder. For one thing, even within the reportedly rather corrupt NOPD, I don’t see seven cops engaging in premeditated homicide for no apparent reason. Accidental shooting, even manslaughter, I might understand. It’s far easier for me to see a Nifong-like politically-calculated smear job by the DA.

As always, I may be wrong. But seven premeditated murderers stretches credibilty.

Exit question*: If the media got this this wrong in New Orleans, Louisiana, why should we believe a dad-gum thing what they–or Captain Jamil Hussein–have to say about shootings in Iraq?

* as a Hot Air guest blogger, I am permitted to write an “EXIT QUESTION:”, and arch my eyebrow while I type it.

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