Interesting look by the Daily Mail into who Britian’s Channel 4 chose to give an alternate Christmas message from behind a veil. She’s a very well-to-do English convert to Islam, formerly a feminist:

“Atkinson said: “Much to the shock and horror of my family and friends I embraced Islam.

My friends, family and colleagues were very keen to express their negative views.

“I had always been known as a radical Feminist and had dutifully continued the family tradition of following in the footsteps of my great-grandmother, who was a suffragette.

“Much to my greatgrandmother ’s horror (if she were still here to express it) I was soon to discover that Feminism and Islam went together like oil and water.

“I realised Feminism promoted the very thing it protested against: oppression of women.”

Frying pan——->Fire.

(Incidentally, the article mentions her ties to a “radical muslim group” that wants to take over Pakistan, but it’s not one I’ve ever heard of–nor had Allahpundit.

It sounds like she’s just an extremely strict and devout Muslim, though a very outspoken one.)

UPDATE: On the other hand, the group, Minhaj ul-Quran, did try to sue the Jyllands-Posten over the Mohammed Cartoons and the supported the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

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