Al-Qaeda just can’t stop thinking about plots involving airlines, but flaws in out system are still underreported. Michelle and Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times are probably the only MSM types covering these stories. So it’s good to see someone else pick up the torch and run it past the metal detectors:

Screeners, however, list other ways security corners are cut in an effort to get passengers through checkpoints quickly, including:

— Testing fewer carry-on bags by hand-swiping the item with a cloth, which is then analyzed electronically for traces of explosives.

— Reducing random searches of carry-on bags and passengers at checkpoints. That can mean fewer pat-downs or “wanding” of passengers with hand-held metal detectors.

— Putting checkpoint X-ray machines on a continuous-speed setting, which decreases the amount of time a screener can study the monitor. Screeners say policy calls for stopping each bag on the belt so contents can be better analyzed.

— Allowing individuals without proper security clearances to help load luggage in security zones where bomb-detection machines are located.

— Removing effective – but slow – workers from critical posts like viewing X-ray monitors at peak times.

Morris, the TSA official, said such acts are not condoned.

Unfortunately, if Arutz Sheva has it right, TSA’s brass is making sure its checkers are concentrating on the real issues:

The American Transportation Security Administration has instructed airport security guards to be sensitive to more than 15,000 Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj Muslim holiday.