Drudge is running a story about a Russian who attempted to hijack an Aeroflot jet, saying he had a bomb. The passengers pulled a United 93 on him when he tried to rush the cabin, and it landed safely in Prague.

Apparently, no bomb. Aeroflot people say he was drunk and this was “hooliganism”, which, since the guy had eight members of his family on board, seems more plausible than the alternative. But eyes will be on it.

More sinister is the ejection of a Russian spy from Canada, where he was living under not one but three fake identities–one of them “Paul William Hempel”. No one knows what his real name is–or if they do, they ain’t sayin’.

CORRECTION: Someone who knows about this stuff tells me that Hempel received three passports, over 15 years, as they expired–but he used only one identity. Canada does know his real name, of course, but it’s being held to protect Hampel’s family.