When last we looked in on Agent Litvinenko’s dinner companions, Allahpundit was dismissing Mario Scaramella as a “loser wannabe“. But perhaps there is more to Mr. Scaramella than meets the eye:

Mario Scaramella was arrested in Naples after returning from London. Rome prosecutors have accused the Italian of arms trafficking and slander, said his father, Amedeo Scaramella.

The London Telegraph has another take:

Rome prosecutors have allegedly been investigating Mr Scaramella for violating secrets and possible arms trafficking.

In any case, he’s still not a suspect in the poisoning of Litvinenko, and this arrest tells us very little about who killed him or why. It does bolster my best theory wild speculation: that an arms deal was going down, and Putin’s goons stepped in to stop in a way that would send an unmistakable message to would-be nuclear smugglers.

I mean, why else would you use ten million dollars worth of easily detectable, slow-acting, exotic poison on a single guy, unless you wanted to make headlines?