Hot Air TV special correspondent Jason Mattera dons his undercover costume to bring you one last, unhinged hurrah from Denver and the DNC. You won’t believe what he heard at the illegal alien Aztlan march downtown (don’t miss the breeding comments, the California conquerors, the Commie who won’t give away her hat, and the students from P.S. 1 in Denver who were required to attend the rally for class).

When your open-borders friends tell you there is no such thing as reconquista and that you are the inveterate racists, just point them to this video.

Seven words, amigos: People for the Elimination of White People.

Thanks to Jason and the cutting-edge crew at the People’s Press Collective (especially Wesley Dickinson, Rossputin, Justin, Joe, Drunkablog, and Michael Sandoval) for bringing us the DNC coverage other Americans wouldn’t bring you.

Now, go get a shave, shower, and rest, Jason. You deserve it!

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