After years and decades of coerced dues-paying, this is a promising sign:

Washington’s teachers, Democrat and Republican alike, increasingly agree that they should not be forced to pay for the Washington Education Association’s politics. In a poll commissioned by EFF, teachers were asked if they agreed or disagreed that, “Teachers should not be forced to pay for someone else’s politics, including the WEA’s.”

73% agreed compared to 62% who agreed in a poll ten years ago when the same question was asked. Support for the statement increased sharply among both Republicans and Democrats.

1997 2007

Republicans 81% 92%

Independents 67% 66%

Democrats 52% 66%

Now think about WEA’s decade-long campaign to convince teachers that, when it comes to politics, it knows best. WEA’s message has not resonated with teachers, even those who side with it ideologically. Maybe for teachers, the First Amendment cannot be “untaught.”

And it’s no wonder more educators are revolting against their non-education associations, which focus on everything BUT real education. As I’ve said before, the teachers union bosses are the looters libs ignore.