Heads-up, readers and viewers. Later tonight, we’re rolling out yet another brand spanking new feature. In the top box, we’ll be spotlighting must-read news stories, analysis, and blog posts. Like everything we do around here, these quick-link headlines will be obsessively updated to feed your Hot Air addiction. Many of you have noted that Hot Air has become your home page/first morning read. So we hope you’ll like this latest addition. Loyal viewers of our Hot Air TV shows will continue to get their fix of original programs, which we’ll post in Top Picks. (We’ll keep you posted on schedule changes.) The design change gives us more creative flexibility on the video side for enterprise and in-depth programming–and enhances overall reader usability with fresh, top-of-the-page content throughout the daily news cycle.

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-The Boss

Update (AP): In case it’s not obvious, new headlines will appear at the top of the left-hand column. The rest will cycle towards the lower right.