A Twitter user named Pixelated Boat put up a spoof excerpt from Michael Wolff’s book claiming that President Trump was upset that he couldn’t get “the gorilla channel” in the White House. The spoof went on to claim that Trump was bored by the makeshift channel until staff edited out everything but the gorillas fighting. Here’s the faux excerpt:

Lots of people got the joke and found it funny:


But as Allahpundit pointed out, quite a few people were eager to believe the worst about the president, like Democratic strategist Scott Dworkin:

Dworkin tried to recover and wound up looking even worse:

The Gorilla story was more believable than Dworkin’s walk back.

Actor Don Cheadle thought it sounded fake but wasn’t quite sure:

There are dozens (hundreds) more people with low follower counts who either believed this or weren’t sure if it were true when they first read it. You can take that as a comment on them or on the general believability of Michael Wolff’s book (“Fire and Fury”). Pixelated Boat had this to say about his intentions and the outcome of his spoof:

Finally, Esquire imagines what the gorilla channel might have looked like. Honestly, I’d probably watch this for a few minutes: