There was a “No to Marxism in America” rally in Berkeley Sunday. Hours later the rally was overrun by Antifa protesters who beat up several people. SF Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson captured Antifa harassing a journalist (in the red shirt):

Another counter-protester went after at KTVU cameraman:

She was arrested:

This is not the first time Antifa has targeted reporters. They object to having their faces filmed or photographed because they frequently adopt violent tactics. Another man with a camera was beaten by members of Antifa. He can be seen in this video shot by a news chopper:

Another man was beaten in the street (note: it’s not clear who the victim was or why he is described as “alt-right” by this Mother Jones reporter):

At the end of the clip above, you can see a man in a red shirt lying on top of the victim to protect him. You can see more of that in this clip:

Antifa also attacked and beat up a father and son wearing pro-Trump clothing:

Another angle on part of the fight:

Joey Gibson of the group Patriot Prayer showed up at the rally. He was pepper-sprayed and attacked by Antifa:

He retreated behind police lines. There were many reports (like this one) that he had been arrested:

Reporter Lizzie Johnson corrected that a while later:

As Gibson was backing away from Antifa, another man was beaten and shoved to the ground. Someone also poured something, possibly urine, on him:

If you’re wondering how all of this violence started, initially police set up barriers to keep the two sides apart:

Early on, police were preventing anyone from covering their face or bringing potential weapons near the park:

But a couple hours later police seem to have given up on the barrier:

At that point, Antifa moved in:

Having chased out or beat up members of the rally and been given a pass by police, Antifa members celebrated their win: