If you had any doubt that the Clinton camp is going all in to highlight Russian involvement in the election, this clip of former Clinton campaign spokesperson Karen Finney should settle it. Fox Host Shannon Bream asks Finney about a request by a group of electors to get a briefing from the Director of National Intelligence on Russia’s involvement in the election. Bream questions why it matters given that 9 out of 10 of the electors who signed the letter were committed to vote for Hillary Clinton anyway. In other words, whatever these Clinton electors decide won’t change the outcome of the election.

But Finney isn’t working from the presumption that this will change who won the election. Indeed she assumes it won’t. What Finney wants to do is talk about Russian influence and Donald Trump as a way to delegitimize his election. “Let’s just take a step back here, Shannon, I mean my goodness, remember the days when the party of Ronald Reagan was talking very toughly to Michael Gorbachev, ‘tear down that wall’ and now look at where we are,” Finney says. She continues, “We are talking about Russian interference, hacking, we are talking about a broad agreement between our intelligence agencies that there was some malfeasance on the part of the Russians and their attempt to undermine our election.”

There is some cross-talk as Finney tries to suggest the intelligence community is unified on this. That’s true but only as regards Russian involvement, something the ODNI announced before the election. There is not agreement on the motive for that involvement. The CIA says it has concluded the goal was to help Trump, but the FBI and ODNI are not sold yet.

“We’re the greatest democracy on the planet. We need to know if Russia is trying to infiltrate our government in these nefarious ways,” Finney says. “Our brave men and women in our intelligence agencies and our…serve in uniform, you know, they fight to get us this kind of information and to uncover these kind of things,” she adds. “I think their next commander-in-chief owes it to them to not just dismiss this out of hand but to listen to the information,” Finney says.

Finney is really trying to gin up some patriotic fervor but she’s struggling, partly because the whole thing seems to be unfamiliar territory to her personally and partly because what she’s saying makes no sense. There is no evidence that anyone had to “fight” to uncover the Russian hacks of the DNC, DCCC and others. It’s also not clear that people in uniform had anything to do with it.

Finney’s goal isn’t to make sense, its to make an emotional argument. She’s waving the Russian flag before the party of Ronald Reagan and placing Trump on the wrong side of that divide. The Clinton camp has been doing this since before the election. But the Post story about the CIA has given them a new opening. Here’s the interview with Finney:

Yesterday when Allahpundit wrote about John Podesta’s surprising endorsement of a letter from a group of electors demanding a briefing from the Director of National Intelligence on Russia’s involvement in the election, I though it was still possible this was personal. After all, it was Podesta whose emails were dripped out by Wikileaks in the most embarrassing way possible. But having Finney on Fox News suggests this really is coming from Clinton World more broadly.

Someone, maybe Clinton herself, has decided that focusing on Russian involvement in the election hurts Trump. Hurting Trump is what Democrats are all about after last month’s loss. As another Clinton crony, David Brock, said recently to a group of Democratic lawmakers, “We can’t afford to wait until inauguration to begin. We have a moral obligation to the majority of voters who did not vote for this Administration to resist Trump now with every fiber in our beings.”