In his first interview since the Republican debate on Thursday night, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson sat down for an exclusive interview with late last week. Thompson talked briefly about the GOP debate, but mostly about his possible run for the White House. Commenting on the debate though, Fred! said “10 people and Chris Matthews, that’s quite a challenge.” You can say that again.

So when will he enter the race? Fred! thinks he has “plenty of time” to jump in if he decides to. And once he decides to, he’s all in for the win.

BREITBART.TV: When people talk about you … “does he really want it” — I think it’s pretty fair to say, there are people who have looked at your career and say he isn’t the most aggressive, out there, lay it on the line, 100 miles an hour after the goal kind of guy. I guess you can’t casually run for President.

FRED THOMPSON: No and I’ve never casually run for anything. I don’t spend a lot of time dealing with that. I’m kind of a laid back guy in most respects. I’m not going to argue the extent or the location of the fire in my belly. I would just point out I have never lost an election and I’ve never come within 20 points — no one’s ever come within 20 points of me. I’ve always led the ticket. You know, little things like that.

Fred! hinted again that he’ll run a different kind of campaign, internet-centric and blog-focused. Ahem. He says the ‘net is a way to get “around the inside the beltway crowd.”

Again, ahem.