Update: I’ve compiled a several minute long clip of Michelle discussing immigration, Muslim foot washing at Kansas City’s airport, and rap. In the immigration segment, Michelle went against two open border advocates, including Enrique Morones of Border Angels, discussing legislation to punish business owners who hire illegals and what happened at MacArthur Park.

Hussein Ibish of the American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee about foot-washing basins for Muslims preparing for prayer at Kansas City International Airport. Things got a little bit heated when Michelle pointed out no one is as upset over this as the outrage when Christmas is talked about during the holiday season. Let’s just say Hussein Ibish talks some “insane rubbish.”

Michelle then talked rap with Paul Butler, a professor of civil rights at George Washington University. Butler found no problem with the way woman are talked about in rap music, saying young males don’t have much respect for women anyways. Butler doesn’t like the fact people are focusing on specifically rap music when it comes to obscene language in music.