Lou Dobbs ripped the media’s favorable coverage of illegal immigrants on yesterday’s “American Morning.” First, he went after CNN for the goofy segment name “Immigration Nation.” Host Kiran Chetry, who was on the spot, said it’s there “because it rhymes.”

Dobbs says the media is “selling their agenda” and not “applying critical judgment” when it comes to illegal immigration.

Video and transcript via Newsbusters:

DOBBS: You know, it’s fascinating to me to look down at that lower third. You see that, Kiran? It says ‘Immigration Nation.’ What in the devil does that mean?

CHETRY: Well, we put it there because it rhymes, I think. It rhymes.

DOBBS: OK. I mean, but everyone should ask themselves, what is the mainstream media in this country doing? They’re selling an agenda. And they’re not applying critical judgment. And critical judgment and skepticism is our job as journalists. We’re talking about comprehensive immigration legislation as reform. We’re using the word ‘reform’ as if it were true. There’s no skepticism.

Watch the rest of the segment at Newsbusters.

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