The video is equally straight forward as it is appalling:

Thanks to reader Brian who was on the scene counter-protesting illegal aliens. Brian captured the video and wrote this description:

I was video taping with my anti illegal alien group at a protest on Saturday. Our Houston NBC affiliate was at the protest to do a story. The following picture below is a screen grab from the event. The NBC cameraman had a Mexican flag attached to his camera! This is making headlines on some forums here in Houston, and was talked about quite a bit this morning on both Houston and Dallas talk radio channels. Fair and balanced, unbiased and non partisan, right? Ha! The pro illegal alien supporting side no doubt got a kick out of seeing the NBC cameraman and reporter on their side!

More (BP): I’d like to note that we have no way of knowing whether the camera man actually works for the NBC affiliate or not. He’s not wearing anything that identifies him as such. He could be a freelancer. That’s no excuse–he shouldn’t have a Mexican flag attached to his camera, as he’s on the scene as a supposedly objective photojournalist. But it’s not as cut and dried to tie him to the local NBC affiliate. At least, not until we know a bit more about him.

Update (BP): Says WND–

KPRC News Director Skip Valet told WND the cameraman’s flying of the Mexican flag broke station rules.

“It violates our policy, because we’re always objective observers of these situations,” Valet told WND. “We don’t take sides in news stories; we cover them. That policy was clearly violated.”

The cameraman has been disciplined, Valet said, but he could not disclose details, because it’s a personnel matter.

Valet said the employee is a legal U.S. citizen who has been with the station for about five years. He went to cover the event by himself, the news director said, with the exception of an intern.

So there you have it.