According to Raw Story, Hearst Newspapers will report that Hillary Clinton will drop her maiden name “Rodham” in her campaign for President.

Here are a few excerpts via Raw Story:

# Clinton identifies herself as “Hillary Clinton” in her campaign press releases and on her campaign website. The lone mention of her maiden name is in a campaign biography that says “Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham, was the son of a factory worker from Scranton, Pa.”

# She continues to use “Hillary Rodham Clinton” in her New York-focused press releases and in the Senate.

# Clinton appeared surprised last week when asked why her presidential campaign had dropped her maiden name. Clinton laughed, shook her head and replied: “I haven’t, I haven’t,” before dashing off.

# Howard Wolfson, a top communications adviser to Clinton, downplayed any significance to the change. Asked if it was a strategic decision to drop “Rodham,” Wolfson replied: “That’s a fair question, but there’s no plan behind it.”