Covering the burial of a Blue Angels pilot who crashed his plane last weekend, Fox News anchor Shepard commented on the flag draped coffin shown on screen. Smith compared the showing of this pilot’s flag draped coffin to the flag draped coffins troops are laid to rest in. He used the death of a pilot to bash an administration war policy.

Transcript, emphasis mine:

SHEPARD SMITH, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: “This is a scene we are not accustomed to see during war times. They don’t allow us to see the victims — uh, heroes who died for us in Iraq. We don’t get to see their caskets come back. It’s a wonderful honor to be able to pay tribute to this man in this way. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to do this with the hundreds upon hundreds who have died for us in Iraq?

Sure. It would also be nice if reporters didn’t slip up and call our troops “victims.” And it would be even nicer if people weren’t out there ready to pounce on every war casualty and make them political footballs. You know, like Smith did in this very story.

(h/t Randy)


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